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Facebook Fail

Have you guys heard of this website called Facebook?

Apparently, it’s a new website on the internet that makes “poking” socially acceptable. On top of that, the head honchos at Facebook.com always decide that whenever you get perfectly comfortable with your account (you know, your settings, likings, and layout), they decide to change it on you. Much like they did last week.

Last week, Facebook introduced a new feature to their website. The ability to like nearly anything on the interwebs. On top of that, you can no longer become a fan of a fan page. Instead, you go to said fan pages and “Like” it. Which makes about as much sense as the plot of The Day After Tomorrow.

However, in displaying the new feature of liking anything on the internet, Facebook used a couple company logos as examples of things you can like. Apparently, Facebook didn’t really do much research before showing these examples, because had they did, they never would have included the NHL as a popular company that people will “Like.” Why not use Korked Bats?

Who is this guy whose favorite websites are IMDb, NHL, Pandora, Living Social, Daily Motion, and ABC News? NERD!

I don’t think this Facebook website is ever going to make it big.

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