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ESPN.com To Add Ads To Their Ads

In a statement released earlier today by ESPN.com spokespeople, the sporting giant says it has decided to add more advertising to the main page of their website. ESPN.com, the most frequently visited sports site on the internet, was previously about 96% ads, only covering every single thing on the website except for whatever Tim Tebow story they were currently jamming down our throats. They will up that number to 105%, putting advertisements inside of other advertisements. Martin Harkins, ESPN.com Public Relations Manager had this to say:

“We are certain that this increase in advertisements will continue our obvious mission of bringing you the best in sports coverage, hidden deep within the depths of cheesy Nike advertisements and our overwhelming need to make money at the expense of our fans.”

Here is a snapshot of what ESPN.com looked like before the ad increase:

And here is ESPN.com after the approved ad increase:

When prompted about the large FOX Sports advertisement in the center of the page, Harkins replied:

“We feel as though a lot of our readers may be interested in more than just ads, and FOX Sports offers a gracious amount of sports coverage for those interested.”

When asked if the increase in ads would lead to a decrease in Tim Tebow banter, Harkins laughed so hard he peed himself and fell out of his chair, shaking his head no.

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