Sunday, April 21, 2024

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D’Onta Foreman Is A Panther, And I Am An Emotional Wreck

I know you clicked on this blog expecting to immediately read some low-level analysis on this news, but just give me a minute, please.

Play this song all the way through and then I’ll be in a better headspace to hit on this.

I knew this one was coming. And yet it still hurts. Like buying a goldfish. You know that relationship is going to end with you flushing it down the toilet, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you lift the toilet seat up to actually do it. D’Onta Foreman was great in his limited time with the Titans. Foreman was everything we thought Adrian Peterson would be. He ran hard, he ran fast, and other than that random fumble on his big run against the Patriots, he was flawless.

I knew it was unlikely he would be back in two-toned blue next season. For a number of reasons: He played too well in his limited time this season, the Titans are in salary cap hell, and he’ll always be RB2 behind the best back in the league. So I entered this offseason knowing Derrick Mini-Me would not be back. I knew he would find a better situation because he earned it. He earned himself a bigger role and a bigger payday from another team that can give that to him. But it doesn’t make it any less easy. It’s like that scene in Air Bud when that kid made Air Bud run away.

Only I am that dweeby kid in the nondescript hat and D’Onta is Air Bud. Sometimes if you love something hard enough, you have to set them free. And if they love you back and you have enough cap space, they’ll return.

Best of luck, D’Onta Foreman – the greatest running back from Texas in franchise history. (Other than Earl Campbell.)


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