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Did I Kill Bob Saget?

Bob Saget passed away the other day and I think I might have killed him.

At least that’s what my followers on Twitter are saying, and well, never have I felt so guilty for a celebrity death than I do right now for Danny Tanner.

Every Friday afternoon, I always tweet out “have a good weekend” with a an accompanying photo of a celebrity or celebrities from the ’90s. Every week. Same tweet, different photo.Anywhere from the cast of Boy Meets World, to Fuller from Home Alone, to David Duchovney. Each week a different random photo, and well, this was this week’s.

Yeah. That was last Friday’s “have a good weekend” tweet.

Bob Saget passed away on Sunday.

Now, many would chalk this up as one of the worst timed coincidences of all time. But not my Twitter followers. Nope. They saw the beloved host of America’s Funniest Home Videos had passed and immediately flocked to my tweet. 


Look, I know how it looks. But I assure you, it was completely coincidental. Like many of you, Danny Tanner was my TV dad of choice. Did I think it was weird he lived with his brother-in-law and best friend (who he had his girls refer to as Uncle Joey)? You betcha. But I still loved him and his neat-freakness. And I appreciated the way he delivered funny home videos on national TV every Sunday night. Do you realize how hard it is to intro grainy VHS footage of people getting socked in the nuts over and over and over again on national television? I’m legitimately asking, because I don’t know. But I assume it’s not easy at all. And yet, Sags made America’s Funniest Home Videos this country’s original vaccine to the pandemic known as the Sunday Scaries. Hell, I once attended an Anaheim Angels game where Bob Saget sang the national anthem. Random? Of course. But it’s true. It was 2002. The night started with him “Oh say can you see”-ing and ended with the Rally Monkey. Needeless to say, I had a very heartfelt and deep-seeded connection with Sags. So I wouldn’t wish any harm upon him. Especially not with any known curse I had through my Twitter account. And I want everyone to know as much.

I know I’m not guilty and I know every attorney on earth would advise against this, but I still feel the need to apologize. Bob Saget, you were an incredible comedian, TV show host, and television dad. Thanks for everything.

Other than that, I hope you had a great weekend.

P.S. Hopefully Bob and Norm are cracking each other up right now.



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