Dear Titans, Please Don’t Trade Derrick Henry

Dear Tennessee Titans,

My second daughter’s due date is today and my wife is being induced tomorrow. I have been an emotional wreck this week. And it has nothing to do with my soon-to-be-born daughter. Please do not trade Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. I have been able to confirm that there are some within the building who regularly read and consume Korked Bats. So if you are one of those people currently reading this within the walls of St. Thomas Sports Park up there near Metrocenter, please pass word that we are not asking you. We are begging you. Are we saying this solely because we are The #1 Derrick Henry Fan Site On The Internet™? Not entirely. Because wherever King Henry goes, so goes Korked Bats. Would it suck having to make pro-Ravens content? I mean we’ve done it before.

But, yes.

It would.

Now look, would trading him be the best football move? I don’t know. I don’t get paid to think about that crap. But what I can tell you is he’s still the best player on your team and can do damage if he even has a semblance of an offensive line up front. Hell, just last year he popped off for 1,500+ yards (good for 2nd in the NFL) in only 16 games behind an offensive line that employed Dennis Daley at it’s most important position. Clearly, he doesn’t require much to still be great. And he’s one of few remaining bright spots on this team.

It’s no state secret that there is not much hope left for this season. The only quarterback with any experience is injured, and the few times he’s not, he’s in the process of getting injured because this offensive line stops fewer humans than captcha codes. Deandre Hopkins has been fun, but those are only on the handful of plays when our quarterback isn’t lying on his back. And well, Nick Folk has been the only consistent ray of sunshine on this dark elephant graveyard of a season.

Really, as a Titans fan, the only hope I have for joy is the potential of Derrick Henry either a.) breaking off a 50, 60 or 70+ yard run. Or 2.) him using his fist as a taser, and jolting grown men all over a football field.

I know football is a business. I recognize that you have to take emotions out of it. But for once in your franchises existence, can you just mix in a little emotion with this decision? I don’t want to see Eddie George in a Cowboys jersey, and I certainly don’t want to Steve McNair in a Ravens gamer. Not again. This time, just let Derrick Henry retire a Titan.

If you want to write me off as dumb or irrational, first off, get in line behind my wife. Second, that’s fine. I am admittedly being dumb AND irrational. But it’s not like keeping Derrick Henry on this 53-man roster will be detrimental to it. He’s still really good. And he’s still a leader in that locker room vocally, emotionally, and by example. Plus, whatever you get in return will never give you the return that 22 has and still can. Not another player, and certainly not a lottery ticket disguised as a draft pick.

So look, please keep Derrick in two-toned blue. If he goes, so will my joy. And I don’t want to cry in that hospital room more than once.

Thank you,


former PSL holder, Section 117, Row S, Seats 9 & 10

P.S. With all that said, let’s relive some of our favorite Derrick Henry moments.


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