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Cliff’s Notes: NFL’s New Rules

Last week, the No Fun League, or better known as the NFL, sent a video to all 32 NFL teams clarifying the new rules about helmet to helmet and illegal hits. Instead of posting the boring video, which is probably hosted by Ben Stein, we decided to post the Cliff’s Notes version written by an unnamed player for the Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe tweeted the photo but doesn’t claim authorship.

We’re so thankful for whoever drew this up, because in this day of Twitter, we only want to read the short version. We don’t want to sit and watch the whole thing. It’s like the whole world has simultaneously been diagnosed with A.D.D.

We are also thankful that someone is finally sticking up for the punter’s of the world. You know, the guys that no one ever wants to see play, and then when they do, if they land a punt inside the 10, no one ever remembers it in the post game. Punters get less praise than Courtney Love.

At the same time, they are allowed to get p0wned by everyone in the league for no fine at all. Much like Seahawks punter Jon Ryan did last week.

That’s legal. But be weary, NFL fans, since this is an entertaining and big hit, it will probably be banned soon by what is soon to be the first ever professional flag football league.


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