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Chris Broussard Delivers The Take of the Century, Saying The Bills Lost Because Their LT Taylor Lewan Was Injured And He’s Right!

I actually don’t hate the take. Sure, it’s completely wrong. And Taylor Lewan doesn’t play for – nor has he ever played for – the Buffalo Bills, but you have to think that the reason the Bills lost this game was because they were missing him. Taylor Lewan is a 3-time Pro Bowler. You don’t think the Bills missed having him and his 6’7″, 310 lbs. ربح المال من الالعاب اون لاين frame out there on that final play? You bet your ass they did. Especially with Dawkins in there. Whoever that is!

Ok, I just looked it up. It appears to me that Dawkins is the Bills starting left tackle and has been since about 2017. In fact, I believe he’s caught a couple of touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills as well. بوكر حقيقي But still, who cares?! Not Chris Broussard! And ya know what? He’s right! The only reason the Bills lost this game is because Taylor Lewan went down with an injury and was nowhere to be found on that play. And hell, maybe if the Bills would’ve handed it off to their monster running back Derrick Henry, they would’ve gained that yard too. Why not try throwing a slant to their wideout A.J. Brown?! Every day fans don’t think about these aspects of the sport. And clearly neither did the Bills’ head coach Mike Vrabel. Just despicable, if you ask me.

Had Taylor Lewan not gone down with a concussion, and had Chris Broussard not seemingly get a concussion as well, then this take never would’ve made it to air. Sure, NBA analyst and reporter Chris Broussard might be preoccupied with the NBA starting back up today, but he still took time out of his day to prepare well-thought-out takes that no one else even thinks of. That’s dedication to the craft, and instead of ripping him today, we should be celebrating him. Chris Broussard, you are a take machine, and we are lucky to hear you on whatever FS1 show that will probably be canceled next year. العاب القمار اون لاين


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