cBCS Standings Week 4

So it’s upon us.

Scratch Christmas, College Football is the most wonderful time of the year!
And it’s here.
The thrill and anticipation of each week just feels so good.
Now that it’s here it’s almost as if each Saturday is Christmas morning. Each game is a new present. Some presents are big, some are small.
And once it’s open you either love it or would rather have a different one.
But regardless, it’s the thought that counts.
And no thought is better than the thought of college football finally being here.
And just like Santa, there are things in college football that aren’t real.
Corked Bats will be bringing you, our friendly readers, our thoughts on the season as it progresses. We will bring our cBCS Standings and other news and notes from the previous week.
“Wait, what is the cBCS?” you kindly ask with a hint of anticipation on your grinning face.
cBCS stands for Corked Bats Champion Standings. Creative. We know.
So without further adieu, let’s kick off our first cBCS Standings following Week 4 of the College Football Season. 
cBCS Top 10
10. BYU
This Week: IDLE
Reason: The Cougars keep winning pretty convincingly. I’m just going to go ahead and say it: These Mormons are good!
9. Wisconsin
This Week: @ Michigan
Reason: Why are the Badgers up this high? Well let us answer your question with another question. Do you think it’s easy to travel west and play at Fresno State and pull out a win? If you said yes, then how many times have YOU done it? Point, us.
8. Alabama
This Week: @ Georgia
Reason: Alabama is a good team. Or are they? We will find out this Saturday as their biggest test approaches. However, the Tide are undefeated in the state of Georgia this year…
7. Texas
This Week: vs. Arkansas
Reason: The Longhorns were supposed to be off this week before starting a tough stretch of three Big XII games (Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri). Lucky for Texas they still have an off week vs. a lousy Arkansas team.
6. LSU
This Week: vs. Mississippi State
Reason: LSU is barely making it by playing quarterback shuffle. Baton Rouge is probably missing Ryan Perrilloux at times like this. They should adopt Tennessee’s discipline system: You get 5 strikes, then they will consider kicking you off the team (Depending on your spot on the depth chart and the stats you have put up thus far).
5. Georgia
This Week: vs. Alabama
Reason: Sorry Georgia fans, this season isn’t getting any easier. Georgia’s next few games are as follows: @ LSU, Florida, the Guards from The Longest Yard, the 2007-08 New England Patriots, Megatron from Transformers, and @ South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs with star linebacker Bobby Boucher. But don’t worry Georgia, YOU CAN DO IT!
4. Missouri
This Week: IDLE
Reason: It took a half of football to get warmed up vs. Buffalo. But not to worry, because they now have a week to get warmed up for their trip to Nebraska. A prime time game on ESPN. If that doesn’t get Nebraska fans and Tiger fans excited, you might be dead.
3. Florida
This Week: vs. Ole Miss
Reason: Remember when winning at Neyland Stadium meant something? The Gators continue to win convincingly without Tebow putting up Heisman numbers. But once Tebow starts turning it on, look out Gator opponents. This is like the crime rate of Gotham City staying low when Batman goes out of town. Things will only get better when Batman comes back in town!
2. Oklahoma
This Week: vs. TCU
Reason: Oklahoma is good. Real good. And who on their schedule is going to beat them? Kansas? HA! Yeah, and Ross Perot is going to come out of the woodworks and win the presidential election this year!
1. USC
This Week: @ Oregon State
Reason: How could we not? Any team that plays Ohio State on a national stage is going to look like America’s best team.
Corked Bats Week 5
Underdog Picks
(Rankings are AP)

Maryland over #20 Clemson
#8 Alabama over #3 Georgia


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