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Carson Daly Is Exactly Why I’m Not Solely A Raiders Fan

If you’ve ever read my bio, you know I’m a Raiders fan to start every NFL season. Typically at some point during the season, it’s the Raiders’ play that allows me to easily shift my allegiance to the Steelers. betfinal بالعربي This season, although the Raiders currently sit in the fifth seed in the AFC playoff race, it’s the reminder that some more-notable Raiders fans are the worst people that is pushing me toward Pittsburgh. Case and point? Carson Daly, who, yes, is apparently still alive and kickin’.

Check out this recent Raiders Instagram repost from The Today Show account:

Carson Daly

Now, it’s not like Carson Daly isn’t respectable. As the face of MTV’s TRL, he’s part of the reason the network continued its daytime prominence in the ’90s (spearheaded by the great Kurt Loder). But good god, that jacket is absolutely awful, and it reminds me that Raiders fans are sometimes cringingly flamboyant. When fans are allowed in Allegiant Stadium, it will only get worse.

Here’s another example for you, restaurateur and television personality Guy Fieri:

Guy Fieri

Trying really hard not to swear in this piece, but f***ing “FLAVOR COORDINATOR”?! Just like many of you, I’ll utter a hearty chuckle to most good Guy Fieri memes, but this goes too far. Seeing those terrible frosted tips and disgusting chin dangler beneath a headset feels so wrong. تعلم لعب البوكر I’m surprised to have not had nightmares of “run beer-can chicken on two! This play is funkadelic!” The Raiders have been a sideshow in the NFL for too long, and we need not proliferate images like this to continue that narrative (even though I’m posting it here).

So, pretty much end rant here. On the bright side, we do have the likes of Tom Hanks, Tiger Woods, Carlos Santana, Magic Johnson, and Jessica Alba donning the silver and black every week. الرهان الرياضي It’s just the above-mentioned clowns that grind my gears and make me want to transfer my fandom. Now, this season, I’m unapologetically riding the bandwagon of both the Raiders and Steelers as they currently sit in the fifth and first seeds in the AFC playoff picture, respectively. But I’m one more obnoxious jacket away from putting a bag on my head on gameday. وليام هيل العاب القمار


Sam is a writer and editor by trade but a useless information monger by heart. Each NFL season, he switches loyalties from the Raiders to Steelers at an average juncture of Week 6. Sam is known for his candor and for perfecting the art of the medium-rare ribeye. He has never been to Europe.


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