Bruce Smith Gave Us A Family Feud Hall Of Fame -And I Cannot Stress This Enough- Fail

Talk about Family Freud. Upon first watch, you’re probably siding with Steve Harvey on this one. What in the [BLURRED MOUTH] did he just say?! And I get it. Anytime someone guesses “penis” on Family Feud, it’s probably going to be wrong. I mean, FAMILY is in the title. This will – and should – go down in the Family Feud Hall of Shame for bad answers. It’s phenomenally bad.

But I’m not going to immediately place blame on the legend Bruce Smith for this. In fact, given the setting, I’m actually on #TeamBruce here. The question was hard. And long. Plus it involved the words “Hook,” “moonlighting,” “handy,” “man,” and “tool.” What else did you expect him to say?

Plus, Bruce initially said hammer. Then Steve asked him to try again, probably making Bruce think he was asking for a synonym. And a synonym for hammer could be penis, depending on your frame of mind.

And lastly, Bruce Smith is a Pro Football Hall of Famer with 200 career sacks. I don’t blame anyone with that many sacks in their career to have penis on the brain. Now somebody give him his Steve Harvey, double-breasted, six-button jacket for becoming a Family Feud Hall of Famer.

PS – I’m not about to blog about Family Feud fail without sharing a compilation of the greatest.


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