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Bill Hader On A Cell Phone

I’m really sorry for this utter randomness, but I have had this picture opened up in a tab on my Netscape Navigator internet browser (Yes, I still use Netscape Navigator… who cares? Mind your own business!) window for the past three weeks. I had to finally do something with it, so I’ve decided to put it on this website. Hopefully, you’ll find it as funny as I have over the past three weeks every time I clicked on that tab.

So, with no further adieu, here is Bill Hader, of Saturday Night Live fame, on a cellular telephone:

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hader being on a cell phone.


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One thought on “Bill Hader On A Cell Phone

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    August 31, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Hello, random person here. Just wanted to let you know that the internet appreciates this contribution you have made. No apology whatsoever is necessary in this instance.


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