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American Idol Is A Lot Like Baseball

First, how many leagues of baseball are there? How many does there need to be? Some leagues have pitchers that are allowed to actually hit and others keep their pitchers good at what they are known for. Some leagues are only for Americans and other leagues are for the rest of the Nationals. That’s fine. Do what you want, baseball decision makers.

When I was watching an interview with Simon Cowell yesterday, it got me thinking about American Idol. And then I was watching reruns of Friends on TBS and it reminded me that baseball was still going.

Then I realized how similar American Idol and baseball really are. Let me explain further.

1. Baseball is a bunch of men chasing a childhood dream to make lots of money playing their favorite game. American Idol is a bunch of men and women, boys and girls (within the strictly adhered age range of 15 to 28) that are chasing a childhood dream to make lots of money playing their favorite pre-written song by an actual musician and maybe going on tour with 11 of their newest and closest friends.

2. Baseball and American Idol both start out with the auditions. The first two months of baseball and the first two months of American Idol everyone likes to watch to see who is going to be good. Who is going to be bad. Who is going to wear a bathing suit to practice instead of regular clothes. Who is promising and who is going to Hollywood… dawg. Then after the really bad are sent back home and it’s just the kinda good ones left, everyone forgets to watch. Who even knows what really happens on American Idol at that point. It’s like a really boring version of Big Brother, and it’s hard to make that show any worse.

3. Then just like that last paragraph, you think, where could this possibly be going? How long is this season? Who do I invest in? Who is getting voted off next? I want the guy with the cool beard to win the pennant, but is his team still in the running? When do we get down to the top twelve? Is it still twelve or has it gone back to ten? Are the Mariners still falling apart after the seventh inning stretch? How do they fix that anyway? Why did A-Rod have to leave?

4. Baseball and American Idol can both be justifiably angry at the new kid in town. For baseball, it’s the much anticipated football season. Americans can’t help, but get excited for this. They can’t help that now all of their sports attention was diverted to a much more action packed sport. Sorry, baseball. Then we have poor American Idol. You lost Paula and Simon and then you got weird updated versions of them in J-Lo and that really big mouthed singer. People don’t handle updates well, just ask Facebook. Then after one-ish years, Paula and Simon are back, but with another show? The X Factor. Way to make the exact same show, but change the name. This feels dirty.

Basically, all of this is to remind everyone to watch football and to let you know that Simon Cowell is paying me A LOT of money to talk about his new hit show that is completely different from that other show with the weirdo judges. Because in this show, they’re not just fighting for some stupid record contract. That’s dumb. This show you get money and the chance to be in a Pepsi commercial.

Have a good day, and remember to watch baseball… sometimes.

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