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A Loss Is Less Good Than A Win

For as good as Kansas Jayhawk basketball is, their football team is that bad. Possibly even worse.

The good news, Jayhawk fans is that they can still use the excuse that former head coach Mark Mangino ate all of their good players before he resigned.

Let’s skip over the fact that they lost their season opener at home against an FCS team, North Dakota State. Let’s forget the fact that the Jayhawks average 16. تنزيل العاب اندرويد 5 points per game which ranks them 112th out of 120 FBS teams. Or heck, let’s not even touch on the fact that their starting quarterback’s, at the beginning of the season (who has since lost his starting job), name is Kale Pick. Kale Pick? Why not start Danny Getssackedalot? كيف ربح المال Or Tim Intentionalgrounder? Or Ryan Leaf?

Let’s focus on the fact that the Jayhawks, going into Saturday afternoon, had lost three in a row. شرح بوكر They ended up eventually losing to Iowa State on Saturday also, to make it four in a row. That’s not the worst of it. They haven’t won a conference game in 11 games. Not to mention, their mascot isn’t even a real bird.

Things just aren’t looking good for Kansas football.

But the best part about it is, they are fully aware. You know, it’s like when an alocholic knows he/she has a problem. Unfortunately for the Jawhawks, there is no CFTA (Crappy Football Teams Anonymous) meetings they can sign themselves up for.

Yup, the Jayhawks were on their game with what this past Saturday’s game with Iowa State meant for the program. They spelled it out for all of us:

But heck, that doesn’t keep Kansas football players from having high hopes and happy spirits!


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