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A Breakdown Of This Epic Red Sox Foul Ball Photo

Red Sox Foul Ball
Image: Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Last week, this epic photo was taken at Fenway Park after a foul ball was hit into the stands. There is too much goodness in this picture to talk about all at once. So let’s break it down, one person at a time.

Red Sox Foul Ball 1

This poor lady is terrified of being hit by the foul ball. If only she was sitting next to an Army Dad who would do all he could to protect her and not shy away like a terrified little baby…

Red Sox Foul Ball 13

Oh… Welp… This is awkward.

Red Sox Foul Ball 2

Glad to see Colonel Sanders made it out tonight.

Red Sox Foul Ball 3

This guy was dodging foul balls before it was cool.

Red Sox Foul Ball 4

His shirt should say, “Keep Calm And Catch The Ball Like A Girl.”

Red Sox Foul Ball 5

Valient effort here.

Red Sox Foul Ball 7

This young girl is holding her glove the wrong way to catch that ball, not helping the case for Title IX.

Red Sox Foul Ball 8

Twenty bucks says this woman’s name is Donna.

Red Sox Foul Ball 9

This guy has no idea of anything that’s going on around him.

Red Sox Foul Ball 10

Joan and Melissa Rivers shouldn’t leave the house without makeup anymore.

Red Sox Foul Ball 11

“You’re looking over the wrong shoulder, Steve!”

Red Sox Foul Ball 15

If this guy doesn’t get that ball, he will murder someone. Just like he did in Nam.

Red Sox Foul Ball 18

At that moment, Kevin was ready to catch his first ever foul ball. He was set to walk home with a free souvenier from his first Boston Red Sox game. Nothing could come between him and that foul ball. Nothing except for his wuss friend Trevor blocking his view.

Red Sox Foul Ball 19

 Wait. Were Trevor and Kevin’s mom working in cahoots to do all they could to throw Kevin in front of this blistering line drive foul ball.

Red Sox Foul Ball 14

This lady wasn’t reaching for the foul ball. Coincidentally at this moment, she just so happened to be rehearsing for her opera.

Red Sox Foul Ball 6

This guy wants to know what the lady in front of him is doing rehearsing for her opera at a Sox game.

Red Sox Foul Ball 12

No way he’s trying any harder than this for that foul ball. Today is Mr. Clean’s off-day.

Red Sox Foul Ball 17

And finally… this guy.

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