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3 Big Things on ‘Dumb Money’ — A SPOILER-FREE Review

What a refreshing change of pace from the mid-strike garbage we’ve been getting the past few months. ‘Dumb Money’ is an extremely fun and entertaining look into the current world of finance and stock-trading. Possibly the best bro-finance entry since 2015’s ‘The Big Short’. While overall it is a fantastic time, it isn’t without it’s flaws and suffers from not being as fully fleshed-out as it could’ve been.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to check out ‘Dumb Money’ here are 3 Big Things you should consider:

1. BIG Social Network Vibes

It’s almost robbery how much they went to the Fincher-Well on this one. I don’t hate it though. If the formula works, keep using it. From the filtering all the way down to the soundtrack, I felt like I was transported back to fall 2010 when ‘The Social Network’ came out. Maybe Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss being producers on this film has something to do with it? Trying to capture some of that lost glory? Who’s to say.

While ‘Dumb Money’ is very fun and entertaining, it’s clear pull from movies like ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Big Short’ don’t allow it to fully stand on it’s own two feet–even though the potential is clearly there. The final product, although not necessarily groundbreaking, is still worth a viewing.

2. It’s Bro-Finance, with some interesting wrinkles

Just so we’re all clear: When we say “Bro-Finance” we’re talking about films such as The Big Short, Wolf of Wall Street, Social Network, etc. Essentially movies where the somewhat-everyday bro hits it big with an idea and makes a ton of money. ‘Dumb Money’ takes that idea and applies it to a handful of different subjects who all either gained from the market or lost big-time. It is absolutely crazy how these events in 2020-2021 effected so many people, including us at The CineBoiz Podcast (listen to our episode “STONKS and THINGS” from February 2021). ‘Dumb Money’, although mainly centered around Paul Dano’s character, does a great job of showcasing how it effected different people in different ways.

The cast here also helps to elevate each individual storyline and make them all feel authentic. America Ferrara, Seth Rogen, Shailene Woodley, Pete Davidson, Anthony Ramos, and Sebastian Stan in particular each have their own unique shining moments throughout the film.

3. Leaves stuff on the table, but for good reason

For as interesting as ‘Dumb Money’ is, there is a lot that happened in that span of time that doesn’t get talked about in the movie. As interesting as the financial world was in the moment, the choice to focus on the GameStop stock-surge was likely the right call. ‘Dumb Money’ at no point seems bloated or confusing. It takes a somewhat complex story, keeps it under 2 hours, and stays funny and palatable.

It would be great to get a follow-up that deals with DogeCoin and AMC stock prices. Hopefully the Winklevoss twins are starting to get the wheels turning on sequel ideas.


It doesn’t quite hit the highs of similar preceding films, but you will for sure have a good time. ‘Dumb Money’ is a rollercoaster of fun and gives some light feelings of nostalgia–even though these events are less than 3 years old. Definitely worth checking out when you get the time.

3.5/5 Swedish Fish

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