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3 Big Things on ‘Barbie’ — A SPOILER-FREE Review (and PODCAST)

Barbenheimer weekend has come and gone, and man, did we all make some great memories. I reflect back on it now and honestly I’m a bit sad. Not because the movies weren’t enjoyable (cuz they’re both great), but because I know that we likely aren’t going to have another movie-weekend like it for quite some time. If not ever again. Be sure to check out our review of ‘Oppenheimer’ when you get the chance, but now it’s Barbie’s turn to be in the Korked Bats’ spotlight.

‘Barbie’ is perhaps one of the best toy-related IP movies ever made. It is tremendously funny and has a ton of heart. It’s the 3rd feature-length film directed by Greta Gerwig, who with this, has established herself as one of the best directors currently working. She may not be in the Spielberg, Scorsese, Cameron echelon, but she’s certainly up there with the likes of Christopher Nolan (who she also beat at the box office this week) and Jordan Peele. Gerwig’s movies from here on out will be EVENTS and she absolutely deserves it.

If you’re on the fence about seeing ‘Barbie’, check out the 3 BIG THINGS that I, fellow CineBoi Tom and his wife Laura laid out on this week’s podcast–then read my verdict below.


‘Barbie’ is a movie for me that has some flaws (mostly with story-flow and world-building), but ultimately kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish. It’s tremendously funny and the supporting cast (with the scene-stealing Ryan Gosling as Ken) does a ton to elevate Margot Robbie in one of her personal best performances.

It’s a movie with a message, that whether you like it or not, is certainly a unique way to present the nuances of being a woman in today’s society. Also the nuances of simply existing as a human being. It has a lot of heart as well–very similar feel to ‘Toy Story’ in how it uses plastic dolls to present real human emotion. I absolutely treasure this movie and I can’t wait to revisit in the near future. Not to mention, I’ve had ‘I’m Just Ken’ playing on repeat the past few days…definitely the song of the summer.

4.5/5 Swedish Fish

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