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20 Lesser Known Super Bowl Prop Bets

The most fun thing about the Super Bowl is your wife allowing you to drink a beer on a Sunday. The second most fun thing are the prop bets you can make, giving you a financial rooting interest into the game.

Gamblers are always looking to blow some money on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Degenerate gamblers are always looking to blow all of their money on outcomes during the Super Bowl. The latter do so with random prop bets. ربح المال من الالعاب اون لاين Vegas lists odds for things that go on during the game to give the extreme gamblers even more to gamble on. كيفية لعبة البوكر

However, we discovered a list of prop bets that are lesser known to the general public. For your betting convenience, we’ve listed them below:


Length of the Super Bowl pregame show

OVER/UNDER: The Irishman


Someone at your Super Bowl party confuses national anthem singer Demi Lovato for…

Selena Gomez (+120)

Camilla Cabello (+205)

Lizzo (+1600)


How will Demi Lovato end the Star Spangled Banner?

“…and the home of the brave!” (+100)

“…and the home of the Chiiiieeeeeeeefs!” (+3000)

*whispering* “…don’t tell your mother.” (+6000)


Number of people who will say “Oh I love these!” whenever Budweiser airs its inevitable Clydesdales commercial

OVER/UNDER: Everyone


Will Kyle Shanahan be dressed like he raided a Hurley outlet?

Yes (-100) / No (+900)


Your wife/girlfriend will be uncomfortably focused on the game whenever Jimmy Garroppolo is on the screen

Yes (-100) / No (+1500)


Your husband/boyfriend will be uncomfortably focused on the entire J-Lo/Shakira halftime show

Yes (-100) / No (+1600)


Will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the halftime show jumping up and down, clapping and giggling?

Yes (+200) / Of course (-110)


When Jennifer Lopez performs at halftime, will you be fooled by the rocks that she’s got?

Yes (+1200) / No (-120)


Will Shakira’s hips lie?

Yes (+700) / No (-100)


What will Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher have more of during the game?

Pancake Blocks (+900) / Beers (-120)


Number of players it will take to tackle George Kittle



Number of timeouts Andy Reid will have left at the end of the second half

zero (+105)

one (+700)

two (+1000)

three (+1600)

four, somehow? (+110)


How big of a lead will Kyle Shanahan blow in this Super Bowl?

3 points (+600)

7 points (+750)

10 points (+900)

25 points (+110)


If the Chiefs win, will Andy Reid try to eat the Lombardi Trophy?

Yes (-100) / No (+750)


If the Chiefs lose, will Andy Reid try to eat the Lombardi Trophy?

Yes (-100) / No (+750)


If Patrick Mahomes wins MVP, who will he thank first?

Miss Piggy (+150)

Gonzo (+300)

Fozzie (+500)


Number of actual layers in Susan’s famous Big Game Secret Recipe 7-Layer Dip


(You’re such a liar, and we all know it, Susan!)


Who will win the Puppy Bowl?

Kansas City Fleas / San Francisco Caniners (+2. راهن على كرة القدم 5)


Number of times someone will stand in your view of the TV screen at your Super Bowl party



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