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Zach Hangs Up His Cleats

Well folks, it seems that there is another casualty with the economic downturn.

Today I am announcing my retirement from Korked Bats. It has been quite a run but now I am moving on. I have enjoyed my time here, but it is time for me to go. I leave for many reasons. To spend more time with my family, my body just can not hold up and take the grind anymore, and mainly my fear of airplane travel.

I am honored to say that I am one of the two founding fathers of Korked Bats (or Corked Bats as we called it at the time), but now Austin will carry that torch on his own. I guess the motto will have to now be “The Lighter Side of Sports from A to K”.
I know how much you will all miss my post every three weeks, bizarre ability to pick upsets, and my overwhelming bias against anything outside of KC, but you will have to move on. I am leaving you all in very capable hands, and who knows… maybe a guest post here and there will be in the future.
So now I leave. But I won’t leave you empty handed. I leave you with this gem. Teshtastic.
Goodbye Nation

2 thoughts on “Zach Hangs Up His Cleats

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    July 19, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    I must say I am extremely disappointed. I bet if the Royals were in the pennant race you wouldn't be quitting! The Chiefs season is just around the corner and you're quitting on me now?! I don't want to read about the freakin' Titans during football season! Baby come back…


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