You’re Allowed To Admit Penn State-Wisconsin Was A Much Better Game Than Georgia-Clemson

Hey. come here real quick. Bring it in close. *whispers* It’s ok to admit that the Big Ten actually had a better game than a top-5 matchup between an SEC and ACC team. Seriously. It’s perfectly fine to admit to yourself and to others. You know why? Because it’s true.

No, offense to Duke’s Mayo, but Clemson-Georgia was a steaming pile of hot mayonnaise. There wasn’t an offensive touchdown scored in the game. There were punts galore. And if you want to claim it was a “masterful defensive battle” than we probably watched different games. It was just bad. (And boring.)

If you disagree, why? Because of the conferences these teams play in? Because of the teams’ rankings in an arbitrary preseason ranking based primarily off last year’s results? Because one game was commentated by Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit? Or is it solely because if anyone admits the Big Ten actually had a good game people’s heads will end up like that dude’s from Scanners?

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Real talk though. Aside from a pick-six, spot the difference in these two halves?

You can’t.

The only difference is Penn State and Wisconsin actually scored points in the second half and the game got interesting. But it’s funny how when both first halves concluded, Penn State and Wisco were getting clowned for playing “Big Ten football” but at halftime of Clemson-Georgia, no one said anything about the first half being boring as hell. It’s ok to, you guys. Seriously. No one will think any differently of you if you call a spade a spade and a bad football game a bad football game.

Look, I understand this entire argument is completely inconsequential. Almost as completely inconsequential as someone blogging about said argument. It’s entirely dumb. But so is saying one conference plays a boring brand of football when literally every conference has games like this – from TOP to bottom. Anyway, I feel dumb for even trying to make this point, because I know there will be people who vehemently disagree and argue because college conferences are – for some reason – extremely tribal. And to those people, conference play can not be fluid at all. I guess all I’m saying is it’s ok to admit when your conference – or in this case conferences – produce crap games. And when other conferences actually produce good games. That’s it. Ok, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


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