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You’d Be Drunk Too If You Were A Mets Fan

Following the sixth inning of last Friday night’s Mets-Diamondbacks game, a fan was caught on a TV camera tripping and falling to the ground. Of course, this is no news to New York fans, the Mets fall every other night and their on TV cameras every time. So Mets fans should be use to them and their team eating it.

Of course, this Dr. Emmett Brown look alike gets right back up and walks off like nothing ever happened. Smooth. Very smooth.

But hey, you know what they say, when you go to New York, you really need to get a taste of Citi Field. This guy just took that advice literally.

With videos like this surfacing, the Mets will continue to be the laughing stock of New York baseball. The only news Yankees baseball made this summer was the death of two baseball legends and a 600 career home run hitter. The only news Mets baseball made this summer was this guy falling.

It’s nearly comical how the hat wearing Peter Mehlman dusts off each arm as he walks away from his wreckage. It’s pretty safe to assume by this guy’s mannerisms, both before and after the fall, that he was drunk.

If only the Mets could play better than .500 baseball, then their fans wouldn’t drink as much and things like this probably wouldn’t happen. Of course, you’d probably be a drunk if your team’s mascot looked like this:


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