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You Want An Insane Super Bowl Week Take? Here You Go: Tom Brady Is NOT The GOAT

In the two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowls, we always get hit with a handful of takes that tend to set off the #TAKESIREN. Usually these come from Skip Bayless and the like. Well, I figured I’d jump the gun and get out ahead of everyone with this take. Because I woke up feeling dangerous.

On February 7th, Tom Brady will make his 10th Super Bowl appearance. That’s five more appearances than the next best guy (John Elway, 5). I’m sure you’ve heard that stat by now. Tom Brady is also 43-years-old. Not enough people talk about that one either.

Tom Brady also just left the best head coach in NFL history to join what was already the best offense in the NFL. Why is it we crap on LeBron for “chasing rings,” but we don’t say anything about Tom Brady doing the same. تعليم البوكر للمبتدئين

Listen to the full take above, but Tom Brady is not the most physically gifted quarterback in the sport. Sure, he’s the most accomplished. There’s no discrediting that fact. استراتيجية الروليت But is he the best? C’mon, no. The only major passing category he leads in are touchdown passes. كازينو And he’s only barely beating Drew Brees, who’s played in one less season. Tom Brady is 9th all-time in passing yards per game… just behind Jared Goff. What about completion percentage? He’s tied for 19th all-time with Mitchell Trubisky. MITCH TRUBISKY! And in all-time career passer rating, he’s tied for 7th just behind Kirk Cousins. So again, tell me why he’s the GREATEST of all-time? Because of Super Bowl rings? Robert Horry has 7 championship rings. Does that make him greater than Jordan?

Look, don’t get me wrong. The longevity of what Brady has done is incredible. We might never see this again. And I’m not saying he’s David Carr. (No offense, David Carr.) I’m just saying, let’s tap the brakes about him being the best quarterback just because he’s played on incredible teams that have gotten him to the most Super Bowls. There are far better physically gifted quarterbacks who weren’t as lucky as to be paired with Bill Belichick and/or play on the best offense in the sport.

Is this a crazy take? Yes. Without question. Is this an uphill battle? Even more so. Do I care if anyone agrees with me? Not a lick. All I’m trying to say here is don’t just go with the pack, open your eyes sheeple, and decide for yourself.

And even then, if you still think Brady’s the GOAT, that’s fine. We’re allowed to think differently. That’s what makes sports great, amirite?!

Shoutout to 3HL on 104.5 The Zone for the weekly segment.


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