Saturday, June 22, 2024

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You Guys, It’s ACTUALLY Real. And It’s Spectacular!

I just got back from Indianapolis for the Titans-Colts game. First off, before I start my disrespect, I must say: Lucas Oil Stadium is stunning. Both inside and out. I now see why Indy is a must for Super Bowl hosting. I’ve always been a fan of Indianapolis as a city. To me, it’s a hidden gem. And now having experienced that barn, it only furthers my love of Indy. The only thing holding that stadium back from being perfect are the shadows. I hate stadiums with bad shadows. Looking at you, The Artist Formerly Known As Paul Brown Stadium.

Ok, now on to the purpose of this blog.

I wanted to see it for myself, and I did.

The 2014 AFC Finalists banner. Less than a minute after I walked down the tunnel of my section into the stadium, my eyes veered up to see if it 1.) it was real, and 2.) if it was still hanging – despite the countless internet memes mocking it. And sure enough, it was. In all its glory. The participation trophy of banners. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like that Christmas M&M’s commercial. “*gasp* IT DOES EXIST!” Prior to that moment, it was folklore. A myth. I had only ever heard of it and seen photos. To me, it was Stonehenge or those little tiki huts over crystal clear water in Bora Bora. I’ve only ever seen photos of those places, so I won’t ever know if they actually exist until I experience it for myself. And I finally did. It felt like walking down the street, and seeing these people pass by you.

An internet meme come to life.

So I guess I should say congrats, Colts. Congratulations not just for keeping it hanging despite being endlessly clowned for it… including right now in this blog, but also, congratulations for being AFC Finalists in 2014!

P.S. I also find it funny how the Colts have failed to win in Jacksonville and/or win the division since this banner was hung. Makes ya think.


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