Worst Life Ever – Ryan Leaf

It wasn’t too long ago that the Washington State quarterback was heralded as highly as holy water in a sinner’s cathedral. Then everyone realized it was just sub par Pac-10 teams that supported his claims. Then it wasn’t long before he blew up on an innocent locker room reporter and has since become a consistent top 5 on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period’s” top 100 blow ups.

You know, the countdown you watch at 3 in the A.M. just to see Jim Mora say “Playoffs?!”, Allen Iverson say “Practice!”, Jim “Chris” Everett tackle a pre-pubescent Jim Rome, and Ryan Leaf go ballistic.

So what could Ryan Leaf possibly due to corrupt his, or anyone else’s life any more?

After posting a measley $45,000 bond, Ryan Leaf exited jail after being tagged with drug and burglary charges. Classy Ryan. He was buying hydrocodone from a player at West Texas A&M, where he formerly coached quarterbacks. It was said that he and Mike Vick talked, then tweeted with Donté Stallworth while texting Sammy Sosa with their Boost Mobile phones (Where You AT?!?!). That brought him to visit these men in the slammer, minus sammy, who is just being deported.

While in the slammer, Leaf applied for a job at Smoothie King but was turned down because when asked if he had any priors, the only thing he could think of was that he busted like a hot soda in the NFL. He put down Peyton Manning as his only referral, but then penciled in Rhett Bomar. Needless to say, the position had already been filled.

So unlike Vick, Ryan will not plead with the jury to let him take a college kids employment.

Leaf has now recently turned himself into the authorities. Do it once, shame on the state of Texas, Washington State University, and the NFL. Do it twice shame on me.


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