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Women’s College Basketball CAN Be Funny!

Just for the record, Title IX is making me post this korked bat. لعبه بينجو

With that being said… We all know that women’s college basketball is about as exciting as watching an episode of Murder She Wrote, but while you were busy watching men’s sports, doing yard work, dreaming about the Snuggle Bear, practicing raquetball, reading, visiting with your grandma, playing Polly Pocket with your neice, washing your car, TiVo-ing CSI: Miami, picking up your cousin Daryll from the airport, playing shuffleboard, washing your car again, and just about anything else you think of just so you wouldn’t have to watch women’s college basketball, some pretty funny things went down this season in women’s college basketball.

But not to worry, Korked Bats took note and decided to compile them all together in a list in which we like to call:

The Funniest Moments from the 2008-09 NCAA Women’s College Basketball Season
(We’re still working on the title.)

  • You Just Played Like POOP!
At halftime of the Arizona State – UConn game in the Elite 8 of the Women’s NCAA Tournament, Arizona State head coach, Charli Turner Thorne (a name that just screams women’s basketball coach) wanted to give her team a boost. كيفية لعب القمار Unfortunatey for her, I think she gave her team more of a laugh. Her team got blown out 83-64. Well, you live and learn. Next time, Chuck Turn, just call in Gene Hackman to give your halftime speech.
  • Arizona Finishes A Game 2 vs. 5
The Arizona Wildcats women’s team dressed out 6 players for their game against Oregon State. By the end of the double overtime game, Arizona had 2 girls on the court… And STILL almost won! With four players, the Wildcats were able to build a six point lead. They were led by their leading scorer, Juwanna Mann. Oregon State ended up pulling it out (as they should!) with a final score of 94-88 against the two Arizona girls who stayed out of foul trouble.
  • UConn and Their Video Game-eske Season
I feel like every time UConn lost this season, they reset their PlayStation before they saved their progress. They are beating teams ridiculously. Their average margin of victory for their undefeated season thus far is 32 points.
  • Tennessee’s Worst Season
The Tennessee Lady Vols had never won a first round game by less than 23 points before this year… when they lost. They lost to Ball State who was making their school’s first appearance in the tournament. Embarrassing? Some may find it funny that the Lady Vols had their worst season in school history.
  • Tennessee Practices Next Day After Worst Season

The final buzzer sounds. The game is over. You just lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. You walk into the locker room and the coach says: “I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.” What the?! Is she serious? Of course. She’s Pat Summitt. Pat Summitt don’t lose. Pat Summitt wins. Pat Summitt eats your babies if you lose.
  • Another Year, Still No Dunks
This one speaks for itself. This 2008-09 women’s college basketball season went without a dunk. Of course, if they did throw down a two hander, it would be in the automatic top 3 in ESPN’s Top Plays. But I’ll tell you one thing, women sure have mastered the art of the stop jump layup.
  • The Fact That I’m Even Writing This Post
Everyone knows how indescribably exciting women’s college basketball is to watch. Is there anything you’d rather do than to sit down and watch a game of women’s college basketball? Ok, all joking aside, it’s pretty funny that we have an entire post devoted to Women’s College Basketball, isn’t it?

Now that wasn’t so bad now, was it? See, women’s college basketball can be fun! كيفية ربح المال So next time you catch a women’s basketball game wait a few seconds before you change the channel. You never know when a team may be playing like poop and it might actually be funny!


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    April 6, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    i refuse to waste a minute of my life reading about women’s basketball.


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