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Wittel Red Robin Could…

If you have been asleep for the last two weeks, then let me be the first to tell you. Garrett Wittels (sophomore infielder for FIU) has slowly but surely given himself a wonderful chance to break Robin Ventura’s college hit streak record. He is currently sitting at 54 straight games with a hit, just four shy of Ventura’s 1987 record of 58 (54 + 4). The FIU Panthers managed to shake off a first game loss in the Sun Belt conference to win the championship game on Sunday against Troy. This win not only extended Wittel’s streak, but also clinched a berth into the NCAA tournament. According to Tim Reynolds of the highly acclaimed Star-Telegram, Wittels had this to say about his streak after the big win, “I’m really not thinking about it. We’ve got to get ready for a regional, get in there, hopefully swing the bats and have everything keep going as planned.”

-I have underlined and italicized everything in the previous paragraph that may be discouraging to an FIU fan.

It has not yet been determined who FIU will play in the regionals on Monday, but I can tell you that only about 55 people will care about the outcome of the game, while the rest of America will only want to see if Wittels can continue this courageous display of mental toughness.

My Prediction: After listening to several interviews of the ever-so-humble Garrett Wittels, it sounds like he has all the intangibles to accomplish this extraordinary feat. I have analyzed data and swing diagrams and concluded that he has the ability to get a hit in 5 straight games (knock on wood/bat). At this point, the only person who can stop Garrett Wittels is Garrett Wittels…

…and Tonya Harding.

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One thought on “Wittel Red Robin Could…

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    December 27, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    “At this point, the only person who can stop Garrett Wittels is Garrett Wittels…”

    …Or two 17yr old girls accusing him or rape.


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