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Over the years you’ve realized that you might as well agree with the pregnant lady in the office. She picks her teams based on which color her son or daughter would like best. Crazy? Sure. But when you think about it, when has an educated bracket ever gotten you to the ring of fire?

A Few Tidbits About
The Midwest

The Upset:
#12 Arizona over #5 Utah

Always include a 12 beating a 5 in any of your brackets. This is the most probable Cinderella seed. So in the Midwest, let your upset lie in the hands of the Arizona Wildcats. They kept their NCAA tournament streak alive and they are playing Utah. Utah is an inconsistent team who only averages 7 points per game better than their opponent. They also have a losing record (6-7) on the road. The 12 seed wins 1/3 of the time.

The Sure-Fire:
#4 Wake Forest over #13 Cleveland State

Although the Vikings out of Cleveland state have gone 10-2 out of their last 12 ballgames, the Demon Deacons out of the ACC will reign victorious. Speedy guard Cedric Jackson will be no match for the second coming of CP3, Jeff Teague. Teague is an explosive player with a phenomenal shot who will lead the Demon Deacons to a second round game. Even though Wake has gone 7-5 in it’s last 12, their average of 11 points per game better than their opponents stands tall. The Demon Deacons move forward to round 2.

The Long Shot:
#14 North Dakota State over #3 kansas

The champions of last year have lost a little luster due to a young roster who is turnover happy. They barely eclipse a positive turnover ratio and are sloppy on the boards, picking up only 1 more than their opponent. With a 40% 3 point percentage and a scoring average of +11, this North Dakota State team could be your first round haymaker. If you’re in a bracket that rewards upset points, think about this one.

The Surprise Team:
#6 West Virginia Mountaineers

Finishing the regular and championship seasons by toppling Notre Dame and Pitt, these Mountaineers gained a bit of steam. They are a tall bunch that shoots 33% beyond the arc and nearly 70% elsewhere. These good ole boys from WV will come storming for a weak Michigan State team.

• • •

So again, just pick the teams with the coolest colors and go from there. Orrrrr listen to your boy and win that cash. Send 20% of all earning to:

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Thank you and God Bless!

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