Why Is This Dubai Commercial Starring Zac Efron & Jessica Alba The Coolest Action Movie I’ve Ever Seen?

Step aside, Mission Impossible. Take a hike, Tenet. This commercial for Dubai makes Fast & Furious look Boring & Lame. #sickburn I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai. It’s like a #2 bucket list locale for me behind only Bora Bora. But after watching that fine piece of cinema, I might have to make it #1. Not to go and see the sights where they shot MI: Ghost Protocol, but to see the sights where they shot this ad. And I only saw this thing by chance. It was the only time in my life where I didn’t press “Skip Ad” on YouTube. The thing sucked me in during those 5 seconds before the button even came up. It’s unreal. And go ahead and flex on ’em, Dubai. They landed not just Zac Efron to be their “spokesman” action hero in this ad, but also Jess Alba? Are you kidding? Most Hollywood movies don’t have this kind of budget.

What’s your favorite part? Mine is when they’re driving through the desert and Zac Efron asks for directions and blames being lost on Jessica Alba. Classic moment right there.

All I’m saying is I’m gonna have to get to Dubai as soon as possible. I can’t wait until retirement or something. Because then I’ll be less nimble to get away from the motorcycle ninjas. And you know there are motorcycle ninjas all over the place over there. In fact, I’ll be a little upset if I go all the way to Dubai and I DON’T get tackled through a window into the ocean. I’ll sue for false advertising.

All in all, well freaking done, Dubai. Give this commercial a damn Oscar, Golden Globe, and whatever the hell award commercials win. Finally, the best action movie of the year comes from someone other than Marvel.


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