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Why Didn’t Tony Stark Give EVERYONE An Iron Man Suit?

It’s a valid question. It’s one of the questions where right after it’s asked you’re like “oh yeah, duh. البلاك جاك ” My longtime friend and comedian Kyle Ayers joined me on The Junk Drawer – felt like old times – this week and asked just this.

With someone has brilliant as Tony Stark, this thought had to have crossed his mind. Or when Dr. Strange ran through all 14,000,605 possible outcomes, Tony giving everyone an Iron Man suit had to be one of them, right? I mean, we all knew Tony is kind of a jerk. So he probably thought it was funny that Hawkeye had no skills other than a few archery blue ribbons from summer camp. And actively went out of his way from giving Hawkeye one of his access suits. الرهان في سباق الخيل Part of me feels bad for Hawkeye. But then again, maybe Tony Stark thought if Jeremy Renner is smart enough to make his own app, then he should be smart enough to make his own Iron Man suit.

Listen to the full episode, we also talk the NBA Finals, Nick Castellanos’ awkward home runs, NIL, Zuckerberg’s flag surfing and the 1992 cartoon movie FernGully:


Also, check out Kyle Ayers’ set from CONAN last year.


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