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Who Not to Start – Fantasy Week 6

Who Not To Start – Week 6:

Owen Schmitt

Owen Schmitt, arguably the best fullback in the NFL since Lorenzo Neal, is a guy that should kept out of any and all fantasy starting lineups this week. (I have no idea who is arguing that but I really just wanted to give a shout out to my man Lorenzo, forever a Titan in my book. But the guy has got to be good. I mean, dadgum, HE WAS ON THE COVER OF THE PSP VERSION OF NCAA FOOTBALL 09!)
Don’t believe me? See for yourself:
Gah, and I thought putting this guy on the cover was random.

You may be wondering at this point why I’d be telling you not to start Ole Schmitty. Well, this should answer your question:

Wow, that couldn’t be more unnecessary. What a moron. On a positive note, at least he found a way to bypass purchasing one of these Scream masks for Halloween with user controlled blood gushing:

This isn’t something new for Owen either. This idiot has had a desire to break his skull for quite some time. In his defense, I’d probably want to break my skull too if I did something like this:

So please, fullback abilities aside, promise me you won’t start Owen as your punter this week. That’d be about as smart as bashing your head in with the top half of a football helmet.

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