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Who Not to Start – Fantasy Week 3

Who Not To Start – Week 3:

Anyone in the Cleveland Brown’s Secondary

This week I highly recommend that you DO NOT start any member of the Cleveland Browns’ secondary. I know anyone with half a brain hasn’t started any Browns player since legendary quarterback, Tim Couch, left the team, however they’ve hit an all time low in team chemistry recently. As if giving up 61 points in their first 2 games wasn’t a good enough indication of their horribleness, a recent fight that included 4 members of the secondary should be enough of a red flag to not start any of them at all costs.

And listen how awkwardly it all went down…

From NFL.com:

After a spirited practice, the Cleveland Browns were still in a playful mood so they decided to pull a prank on one of their rookies.

Coye Francies didn’t care for the joke.

The first-year cornerback, incensed over being soaked with water by some of his teammates, threw a bucket of ice and at least one errant punch during a skirmish in the Browns’ locker room Friday.

As the Browns returned from practice, a dripping-wet Francies stormed into the locker room lugging a Gatorade bucket full of ice. Before he could be stopped, Francies tossed the ice on cornerback Brandon McDonald, hitting him with cubes that covered the floor.

At that point, it wasn’t clear if Francies was playing along and messing with McDonald.

Then, Francies’ mood, and the vibe in the room, turned more serious.

Francies flung some more ice in the direction of safety Mike Adams before heading toward safety Abram Elam‘s corner cubicle. With the bucket on the floor, Francies then swung his arms at Elam, who deflected the blows. Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers then stepped in, grabbed Francies by the back of the shirt and escorted him out a side door as other players came to help.

“Calm down, man,” Rogers told Francies as he pushed him outside.

That’s got to be embarrassing for everyone involved. I know exactly how this feels. It reminds me of a time in 8th grade on a school trip to Washington D.C. when I woke up to find that fellow Korked Bats writer, Austin Huff, had drawn all over my face. I almost pulled a Coye Francies. I didn’t say a word but Austin still tells me to this day I made the scariest face I’ve ever made as I proceeded to jump on top of him and hold his arms down and pondered punching him. I then realized I was being ridiculous so I just kind of looked at him awkwardly. I don’t recommend the course of action I took.

Now, I don’t know if unnecessary overreaction of harmless pranks leads to poor fantasy performance the following game, but it certainly can’t help.

Plus, it’s the Browns man, seriously.

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