Who Not to Start – Fantasy Week 10

Who Not To Start – Week 10:
The Icebox

Well everyone, it’s already week 10 in the NFL. Can you believe it? If you have been following this weekly Who Not To Start post loyally then you are probably 9-0 in your respective fantasy leagues. Congratulations!

Choosing Becky “Icebox” O’Shea this week was tough, really tough. The Icebox has been my sleeper pick all year. I was just certain she was going to be called up at any time by a team like the Chiefs, Rams, or Raiders who needed to put a little spunk in their offense. I was really hoping for the possibility of witnessing Ray Lewis leveling Becky on a screen pass followed by the screaming of “No mercy!”

To which the Icebox would have of course replied with a smirk, “No ball!”.

Man, I love that line.

However, my constant monitoring of the waiver wire has proved to be unnecessary and I am here to finally admit to myself and everyone else, Becky O’Shea isn’t walking through that door.

So now that we’ve cleared things up as far as the Icebox’s fantasy prospectus, we might as well check in on what the Lisa Leslie of football is up to these days.

  • She played Michael Douglas’ daughter in, The American President
  • She has learned to play the trombone
  • She guest-starred in CBS’s “Morning Glory” (never heard of it)
  • She was in the “Ladies Man” TV series (which I also wasn’t aware existed)
  • She also got pretty decent looking. Pictures you ask?

So please take my advice and do not start Becky O’Shea, no matter how difficult that may be. It looks like we will be waiting a little longer before we get to see her take the NFL by storm. In the meantime watch this trailer and wonder what the NFL GM’s are waiting on.

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