What Up Wisconsin?

Louisiana has gone through a recent rough patch. I have made a lot of fun of LSU in my day, but I do love people from Louisiana. If there is a state (other than Texas) that has a lot of state spirit, it is Louisiana, people. They have gumbo and jazz music. They have Swamp People and Voodoo. And they usually have sports. This year they had bragging rights in college football for the whole season… until the end. Then they lost. To another SEC team. Then the Saints lost. That actually pulls on my heart strings because of Drew Brees. I mean, have you seen him take care of his cute little kid on those Vics Vapor Rub commercials? I wanted the Saints to at least make it a little further. For that cute, sick, little kid. And then there was the Miss America Pageant. Sorry, Louisiana. Top Ten. But then you got beat by Wisconsin. Wisconsin? The last pretty girl that came out of there was this guy.

(Okay, our Korked Bats Twitter account helped me out when he reminded me of how Clay Matthews might actually be Dakota Fanning. After drug use and/or dating Wilmer Valderrama, of course.)


Where were we? Oh yeah. That beauty pageant. Well… Here she is, Miss America:

Do you know what this reminds me of?

Three things:

1. Let me have this one last Tebow jab.


2. Lots of crying. Lots of mascara. Lots of pain. Lots of victory.

and finally…

3.  One really sad and confused LSU fan.  Not confused about the game necessarily, but about the English language?

Chin up Louisiana, there is always professional baseball. Whoops. There is always NASCAR. Oh whoops. There is always professional basketball. No, I’m kidding. The Hornets are terrible. BUT… There is always this guy from The Waterboy.

• • •

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