What Titans Fans Will Do For The Playoffs

Today, I was listening to sports talk radio in Nashville. WHAAAaaaaaaTTTTTT?!?! Yep. They were talking about how difficult it will be for the Titans to make it into the playoffs at this point in the season. They are 2-ish games behind the Texans and I guess that is pretty far behind in football talk. There is still hope, if the Titans get the Wild Card spot. I’m not exactly sure what it takes to win that Wild Card spot, but I think there should be some sort of incentive for the Titans to make the playoffs. So, here is my list of incentives for the Titans to take their game to the next level.

We as the Tennessee Titan’s fans will:

1.  All dress as Santa for a game.

2. Give Chris Johnson a raise.

3. Get Betty White to accompany Bud Adams in his private box. Keyword: Private #MatchMakers

4. Ask the Titan’s Cheerleaders to all wear this. (or anything… sheesh.)

5. Ask Denzel Washington to give one of his motivational speeches during half time, but let the audience Skype in.

6. Do the wave. Nobody does the wave anymore.

7. After the wave, we will do that angel wing flap from Angels in the Outfield.

8. We will stop bringing up better teams on Twitter and how we wish were their fans.

9. I will personally dress my dogs up like this.

10. Stop bringing up the fact that with or without Movember, Matt Hasselback looks like a really creepy (but nice) crossing guard.

And last, but not least.  We will:

11. Make this face.

Titans. I know you want this stuff. (You get a raise in your salary if you do.) So let’s see some hustle in your bustle, as they say.

• • •

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