Thursday, June 13, 2024

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What Jessica Simpson Is Watching

There is a Monday Night Football game happening right now, but I honestly couldn’t tell you who is winning.  Unless I was keeping a close eye on Twitter, because I am watching The Sing Off. However, with both of these programs airing at the same time, it got me thinking:

I wonder what Jessica Simpson is watching tonight on TV?

Monday Night Football?


The Sing Off?

I don’t mean to hate on Jessica Simpson.  Heck, I still wear her shoes.

But I only wear her jeans after a big dinner.

I know what Jessica Simpson is NOT watching tonight.


Really Nick Lachey?  Wedding Number One and Number Two televised?

This feels like a trick.  Like when the NFL told everyone that there wasn’t going to be a season and then there was.  And then the NBA telling everyone there isn’t going to be a season and then we have to be all like, “is there going to be a season like there was with the NFL?”  Come on Nick.  We don’t buy this just like we don’t buy the NBA and their “not season.”

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