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What Happens When A Speeding Train Meets A Windmill Turbine Blade? This Video Shows You

Every day when you wake up, there’s one thing on the Internet that you never expect to see. And I can confidently say that I did not wake up this morning expecting to see a train plow through a windmill turbine blade. But here we are.

Why is that truck stopped in the middle of a train track? I have no idea. Maybe that’s what trucks that carry large windmill turbine blades do? Regardless, it gave us one of the most insane videos of the week. According to KVUE, multiple crew members aboard the train, which was substantial damaged, were treated for minor injuries, and the crash is being investigated.

But this a tough loss for the renewable energy crowd. Look, I’m all for renewable energy. But when a (probably) coal-powered train powers right through like that, well… It’s just a bad look from a PR standpoint.

Here’s another angle

Let this be a lesson to all the windmill turbine blade truck drivers out there. Maybe don’t stop on the train tracks?

P.S. This reminds me of that stop the train mission on GTA 5.


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