Welcome to 2010

Sorry for not writing a decent post in a while but I have been in mourning over the last week or so. The Titans are out of the playoff picture, my fantasy team lost in the championship to a 14 year old, and my favorite Christmas present was a toaster oven. However, all those bad things happened in 2009.
For those of you that haven’t realized yet… this is the year MMX A.D. (that’s 2010 for the Non-Romans). It just the day of the year Travis Pastrana jumped a river, the greatest coach in college football finally reclaimed his spot as the best thing in Florida from the Messiah, and that other Chip got beat by Ohio State. I’d have to say that Day 1 has made this a pretty awesome year.
Now, I know that not every day will be full of sporting events and sweet Nitro Circus stunts (maybe in Heaven), but I still feel like this is going to be a great year. We have the Winter Olympics in a month, the World Cup this summer, and once futbol is over it’ll be time for football again. Yeah, Day 1 kicked us off to the greatest sports year in a long time. With that being said, let me throw out a few of my early predictions for this upcoming year…

Winter Olympics


  1. US wins a bunch of stuff
  2. Canada wins a bunch of stuff
  3. Asians Don’t

Baseball Season


  1. Takes up too much time on SportsCenter
  2. Braves don’t spend any money
  3. Yankees spend A LOT of money
  4. Braves Lose, Yankees Win

World Cup

(No, that isn’t Morgan Freeman)

  1. South Africa becomes the wildest place since Sodom/Gomorrah
  2. Americans gets mad when they find out David Beckham can’t play for us
  3. Spain or Brazil win (They are both ridiculously good)

Football Season

(Is Smart Guy playing for Mizzou now?)

  1. Players/Owners can’t settle their a Collective Bargaining Agreement (a.k.a. No more Salary Cap)
  2. Lou Holtz still doesn’t realize that he has a speech impediment

Korked Bats


  1. We will finally move to KorkedBats.com
  2. Will continues to be the only consistent commenter on our posts
  3. Frank and Chip finally meet Jared and Kyle (probably will never happen)

I hope that all you suckers have an amazing 2010 and that it will be better than your 2009.
Good luck, be safe, and keep it crackin.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010

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    January 4, 2010 at 12:48 am

    Baseball does not take up enough time on sportscenter and Bug Selig may actually end his lame duck Comissionership.

    Love your consistent Commentor!

  • Avatar
    January 6, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Baseball is on Sportscenter too much during the summer. Don't they realize this time could be used to discuss the prospects of Brett Favre possibly returning to the NFL again, and what Brett had for breakfast? (I hear he's a Waffle Crisp man).


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