We Finally Learned What Kind Of Creature McDonald’s Grimace Is And Honestly, I’ma Need A Minute

I am floored. My entire life I’ve always wondered what the hell Grimace was. And today is the day I learned. That giant oaf is a taste bud. Color me shocked. This was me after I found out:

I mean, I will admit he is the only one from the McDonaldland Gang who I had no clue who or what he was.

Ronald McDonald… he’s a creepy ass clown.

Birdie The Early Bird… she’s a birdie who apparently wakes up early.

Hamburglar… convicted felon.

Mayor McCheese… a politician with a burger for a head who was somehow voted into office.

The Fry Kids… they’re balls of french fries, some of which are different colors to portray McDonald’s fries after they’re left to get stale.

The Professor… I honestly don’t even remember this dude, but he looks a lot like that safari hunter from the original Jumanji.

The Hunter Van Pelt | One of the main characters in Jumanji

And there’s that fat ass purple blob in the middle. قانون لعبة البوكر I can’t believe I never seriously questioned what he is before this. I just assumed he was just a random shape like Flubber or the Western Kentucky mascot. But now we know he was a taste bud. Is that what are taste bud’s look like? Is he anatomically correct? Taste buds can’t be that big can they? كيف تربح في القمار And if they were, what the hell are they doing spending so much time at McD’s??

Also, who the hell was responsible for the name?

“We need a mascot who can serve as a taste bud to remind people that our food is good… but what should we name him?”


Not exactly a great marketing technique, golden arches.

P.S. I find it to be no coincidence we learned this on the eve of the Tennessee Vols’ first game. موقع لربح المال


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