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Each week, grit makes a call to do beers. This is a recap of some of the beers sent into us. If you don’t see your beer here, follow @GRITknox  and  @KorkedBeers on Twitter and next time there’s a call to do beers, send us pics of your beers, and then DO BEERS.

We’re building the Internet’s (and social distancing’s) biggest and best bar each weekend. Join us and let’s do beers!


This is the before when an accountants college buddies submit their accountant for a Queer Eye makeover. This is flip-flops at Walmart bad. Do better.



If I was on this Zoom call, I would probably roast the toaster. It’s a combination of every bad Christmas tie you’ve ever received. Do I look like I wear ties? Get the hell out of here, Aunt Sue.



This can… I’m at the cart. I’m picking out mangoes. I’m bartering with the guy. I’m still overpaying because he sees through my sunburned schtick. Love it.



I love a good pun as well as the next guy (if the next guy likes puns). That can is underwhelming, and the reminder that Ska was a thing is a big detractor.




I like fish. I like drawings of fish. I also like beer. This is Bell’s playing the hits.




Hang it in the Louvre. I feel fancy looking at this can. This is a beer you drink with the pinky protruded. You don’t do it intentionally. It just sinks in your soul. You are a fancy person for all 12 fluid ounces.



Oh, we’re trying flattery now? It won’t work on me. (It most definitely works on me.)

No rating.


This is the rare beer where I buy a six pack and keep one back. Wonderful can.



I don’t plan on learning what rhubarb is. Is rhubarb a palm tree? Is rhubarb flamingo extract? You covered strawberries (I know what those are.) This can is misleading. This can is a timeshare. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?! There is no great divide on my ranking.



This looks like a bottle you buy in Grand Theft Auto to increase your aim. I’m a fan.



When this one came across the old can review desk, I was ready to ask Sweetwater for some reparation beers. My wife even thought I photoshopped myself on the can. Alas, this is Captain John McCloskey, who I assume is a distant cousin. He is in the Instagram below, judge for yourself.


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This is such an honor to be apart of this team that has put a lot of work into making this project special and one of a kind. It’s been quite a journey that started long ago with @river_through_atlanta and @orvisatlanta #qualityhooch Thank you @sweetwaterbrew and @tuckerberta @laddiedaddy and everyone that has put so much time and effort into @guidebeer 11% of all proceeds go to helping full time guides in need! What a wonderful mission to get behind. Thank you to everyone that has been there through the good times and bad times. Definitely to my family and friends and to @mrs.dryflyjohn for continuing to push me. I am very excited and I hope we get so many more people to spread the love! @hatchoutdoors @opskagit @river_through_atlanta @stealthcraftboats @naknekrivercamp @katmaitrophylodge @echoflyfishing @orvisatlanta @orvisflyfishing @shawncombs @shanedurrance @ucctu @addicted_fishing @stevenrfraley I remembered you on this one! ?: @micahwalkertexasranger @austinadduci

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The first picture: Needs a “Little Sumpin'” else.


The second picture: What a tropical fun damn can. She also gave the pup a sip, which always adds a point.



This can looks like medicine. The good kind.



Some cans leave you thinking “this artist does the right amount of illegal drugs.” This is one of those cans.



Simple. To the point. It really is delicious (added bonus.)




He gave the pup a sip. If Rust Cohle gave the pup a sip he wouldn’t have ended up in the predicament he did. (I didn’t finish the season, so I have no idea what I’m talking about.)






Keep em coming. The internet is our bar now. Stay safe.




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Grit sent a bio to the KB office but it was just a welcome mat from Kirkland's. I think he sent it here accidentally. I really like the welcome mat so we are keeping it. Putting this admission here in case grit ever reads this. It's my welcome mat.


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