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You know the first fifteen-minutes that you get to work on Monday morning and all of your co-workers start asking about how your weekend was and if you aren’t ready with something better then watching all five hours of the British version of Pride and Prejudice, you need to be ready with current events.  If you are looking to impress, here are good ideas for moving the conversation from your lame social life and to much more exciting current events.

The Mariners lost their 15th game in a row.  This is bad.

I know hindsight is 20/20, but Amy Whinehouse was told to go to rehab and she said, “No, no, no.”  (it might be too soon for this one)

Brett Favre has been rumored to join the Philadelphia Eagles as a back-up quarterback. Hey Brett Favre, why don’t you just stay in Hattiesburg for a while. What happens in Hattiesburg, stays in Hattiesburg right?

Captain America just finished the new workout routine, Insanity. And his new movie came out.

Carrot Top took Insanity to a different level and continued to have no movies come out.

Those of you who are interested in keeping up with what the world calls ‘futbol,’ or as Americans say, soccer: Uruguay lost to Paraguay.  Double points if you can tell me what continent those two countries are on.

Cadel Evans was the first Australian to with the Tour de France. Thanks Lance Armstrong for giving another country a chance. Live Strong.

Michael Phelps is back in the pool after he read my last post about him looking better in his work uniform. However he did NOT help America get any gold medals in the World Championship 4×100.  Mr. Phelps, please don’t let America down and get us bronze medals.  This is not women’s gymnastics.

If you have had enough time to bring up all of these hot topics, you are dominating the conversation, and you should probably ease up a bit, jabber mouth. It’s a Monday morning.  Pace yourself.  People don’t want to like a Monday Monday Chatty Cathy.  Leave a little for the lunch table.

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