Saturday, June 22, 2024

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VIDEO: That Tom Brady/Tony Dungy Photo Is Creepy AF

Last weekend during the Hall of Fame ceremonies, Tom Brady and Tony Dungy met up and took a photo that’s scarier than anything Jordan Peele could think of. This thing is terrifying. In fact, I originally saw this photo last Sunday, fainted and am just now coming to. That’s how shook it left me. But now I have to share my thoughts on it. It’s absurd that anyone let this photo be posted, let alone taken. Then again, Im sure whoever took this photo is now dead. Our thoughts and condolences. RIP in peace. Because both Brady and Dungy look like absolute monsters in this thing. It’s seriously the most terrifying photo I’ve ever seen. And I used to go to Rotten.com with my friends back in middle school. Is this a bad look for Brady’s career? I gotta say yes. To me this is a legacy-ruining image. Sorry, it just is.


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