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VIDEO: A Breakdown of Titans CB Elijah Molden’s Slip n’ Slide Sack

I will not overreact to preseason football. I will not overreact to preseason football. I will not overreact to preseason football.

Ok, nevermind. I’m going to overreact to Elijah Molden and the night he had over the weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not just because of this play, because he also had his hand in a handful of other big plays on defense, but also because of this play. My man was met by not one but two offensive linemen, and instead of getting flattened like Wile E. Coyote by an ACME anvil, he instead goes underneath and – as his mom put it – squirts through and gets the sack. Dude was a ball full of energy. Like a child you’re trying to put down to sleep. Again, maybe I’m reading too much into preseason football (read: I am), but I’m excited about the potential of Elijah Molden. As a Titans fan, I was hopeful for them to draft Elijah Moore and was a little disappointed when they instead opted for Elijah Molden. But now I might be hopeful again. Go get it, Cortland Finn-again.

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