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Urban Meyer’s Name Change Pays Off

Urban Meyer, head football coach at Florida University, finally came forward on Tuesday, revealing to the media that he did, in fact, change his name in an effort to relate to inner city youth and their families. لعبة بوكر حقيقية Amongst much speculation, Meyer (formally Trent Peaks) released his demons in a recent interview:

“At the time it seemed like a good idea, that perhaps a more relatable name would get my recruitment off on the right foot. Since the massive no-homo I called on the past four years with Tebow, my family and I decided we needed to branch our recruiting out. 1xbet What better way than to head to urban areas? And who’s going to mug Urban in urban?”

This news comes less than a week after the Florida Gators landed the #2 recruiting class in the nation according to Rivals.com.

“I guess this name change is really paying off,” Meyer said. “But not like, USC Trojans paying off. You know, Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo, and that other guy. بيت365

Other coaches around the SEC have also looked into changing their names into something more hip, like Mark Richt, Les Miles and new Tennessee Vols head coach, Derek Dooley, who many college football recruits claim has a name of some nerdy I.T. guy.

Meyer said he spent a good amount of time speculating over which name would have the most impact on youths outside of his personal demographic, and picked Urban Meyer over Rucker Park, Shootsup Cops and Carl Weathers.


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