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You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to. I mean, I’d really, really like you to. Really, really bad, but the main reason I’m posting this is because when you root for the Royals, you have to suck every last bit of joy you’re given, because said moments are always very few and very far between.

So, when I see Zack Greinke have a year like the one he’s currently having, and any baseball writer/ex-player/analyst over the age of 45 immediately writes him off as a Cy Young candidate because he’s only won 13 games, I get pretty charged (or in the case of this post, unfunny).
I don’t need to lecture anyone on how misleading the “win-loss” statistic is, but I feel like getting this off of my chest at least makes me feel like I’m doing my part to get the Cy Young to the right guy (barring some sort of ridiculously historic charge by another candidate/a collapse by Greinke), even if it ultimately does nothing.
So let me clear my own conscience. By doing it now, I won’t spend a ton of time on it on our radio show next Saturday. So there’s that.
A few sports writers have already offered their thoughts on Greinke’s season/Cy Young candidacy this week (here, here, here, and here), and I’ve got my own take.
So tonight I did a Tweet series (@jaredlaunius) that pitted Greinke up against his “competition” for the Cy Young to show how preposterous it is to consider anyone else (up to this point in the season) a better candidate than Greinke.
Keep in mind that I didn’t even get into defense (the worst defense in the AL based on essentially every defensive measure) and bullpen (worst bullpen ERA in the AL). The reason for that is that Greinke is among the league leaders in every starting pitcher statistic with the worst defense and bullpen in the league behind him. Even when you ignore those two things, he’s still statistically been the best overall pitcher in the AL this year.

So here’s my best argument for Greinke in 140 characters or less:

Starting a series of tweets for my 18 followers titled: “Debunking Every Cy Young Candidate Except Zack Greinke.” Enjoy.

Start with Verlander: 4 of his 15 wins came in games that he gave up at least 4 runs. Greinke is 0-6 in such starts.

Other than W-L and strikeouts, you will find no other peripheral stat that Verlander has bested Greinke in. Verlander’s out.

Sabathia- The Yanks score 5.6 rpg in his starts. Greinke? 3.6 rpg from Yuni and company. Greinke has more Ks, IP/start, WHIP, etc.

Sorry CC, don’t eat your feelings.

Another interruption. Planet Earth. Is back. Boom.

Interrupt update for this: Dave Winfield- “Peter [Gammons]…you thought [Greinke] was a Cy Young candidate early in the season.” Suck it.

Next victim: Beckett. Gives up a run and a half more per per 9 IP. 39 fewer Ks. 15 fewer IP (albeit in one less start) 22 (!!) home runs.

Take your 3.80 ERA and think about next year Becks.

Feldman (Tex)- sample size too small. Numbers (other than misleading win total) unimpressive. No thanks.

Halladay- Only bests Greinke in IP/start and BB stats. Good campaign, though, probably 3rd best candidate.

But, Halladay has struggled of late, and hasn’t been as impressive across the board as Greinke & King Felix. Sorry Doc.

Edwin Jackson- better than Greinke in NO statistical measure that I could find. Sry.

Nathan and Rivera- anyone that only throws when their team is leading in 9th inning and only throws 70 innings is null and void.

More on Nathan and Rivera- current stereotyped role of “closer” makes in nearly impossible to win Cy. Role not as relevant as past. Sorry.

Brings us to Felix Hernandez. ERA+ (stat that adjusts ERA based on ballpark, schedule, etc.) Greinke: 180; Hernandez: 157- advantage Greinke

Greinke also has lower WHIP, ERA; more Ks, IP, CG and shutouts; fewer home runs & walks; lower BA against; better K/BB ratio- you name it.

Please SOMEONE make an argument for another pitcher. If only hard-headed, win-centric, old baseball writers were following me on Twitter.

Final thought on Greinke- if he puts up the numbers he’s currently paced for, and doesn’t win the Cy, its legitimacy needs be questioned.

If you made it all the way down here, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll shout out to you in the radio show on Saturday.
Oh, and here’s a picture of Greinke’s wife, (former Cowboys cheerleader) for all of you who made it to the bottom.

2 thoughts on “Twack Tweinke

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    August 31, 2009 at 8:09 am

    Thank you. Huff said he wasn't going to write about this, but I'm glad someone did! I love baseball and frankly I'm jealous of the type of season this Cards are having and listening to my STL friends gloat about Pujols and Wainwright and Carptenter. Greinke is the only thing that makes me happy about Royals baseball besides our stadium so I want to read about him!

    BTW his wife is smokin'! But how stimulating do you think those dinner conversations are? A cheerleader and arguably the dumbest sounding pitcher since Randy Johnson??!

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    September 1, 2009 at 11:29 am

    I need to join this thing.. Just so I don't have to say who I am.. But I'm on the blackberry right now so I won't.. However.. Beyond some brilliant statistical analysis.. Greinke is just fun to watch. He's such a tricky pitcher. Throwing 96 mph in the 9th? Coupled with 60 mph breaking stuff? Just ridiculous.. Ask the hitters who is tough to hit. Even a team like seatle who is a pure contact team greinke shuts down.. He can beat you so many ways..striking you our.. Grounding you out.. Or flying you out.. (No homo do)..
    Statistically a champion. Clearly. I have a feeling we have a tony gonzalez of the royals now.
    This post was brought to you by Kyle Youngstrom
    I wish I could listen to the radio show here in kc.


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