Don’t Argue It. These Are The Top 10 NFL Jerseys of All Time

I don’t know if I was alone, but while watching Monday Night Football, I couldn’t focus on the game due to how fresh the Chargers looked in their white and powder blue jerseys. Yes they wound up losing in heartbreaking fashion, but in terms of strictly fashion, they were the big winners in my eyes. In that vain, I decided to go through my favorite NFL looks of all time. Make no mistake, there is no disputing the preciseness of this list as I’ve spent the last 36 hours comparing and contrasting the thousands of uniform combinations that have existed in the last 100 years of the NFL.

10. 1984 Dolphins: Teal Jerseys

Starting off with the jerseys worn by Dan Marino in his rookie year, when the Dolphins were still feared around the league, and Marino took them to Super Bowl. The future was almost as bright as their teal and orange. Unfortunately for them, their franchise fell from grace, but they’ll always have these sweet sweet uniforms. العاب كازينو Big fan of the helmet as well. Simplicity at its finest.

9. 1997 Jaguars: Original Jersey

When I first started watching football at the tender age of 3, my first memory outside of Eagles games were the upstart Jaguars led by Mark Brunell and Fred Taylor in their sweet blue-green uniforms. What made them even cooler was the all black helmet with an angry Jaguar head. Add the pouncing Jaguar on the sleeves and you have yourself an all-classic. بوكر

8. 2015 Panthers: Black and Blue

At the peak of Cam’s powers, the Panthers dropped these classics in a random week 5 game. They were so popular however, that the jerseys stuck. It really proves how cool primarily black jerseys are, especially when you pair them with a bright and fun secondary color. *chef’s kiss*

7. 2019 Ravens: Color Rush

A lot of people gave the Color Rush jerseys a hard time because frankly, most of them were ugly as hell. The Ravens, however, really pulled this one off. All purple is an extremely bold move, but it really did work with the gold numbers. I really like that they left the helmet alone as well instead of tinkering with one of the best designs in the league.

6. 1984 Rams: Blue and Gold

Honestly, 6 feels a little low for these beauts. When I first started thinking of this list, these were the second jerseys I thought of (behind my number 1 choice). I think part of the reason the Rams got dragged so hard with their new uniforms this offseason was because of how great the originals were. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I think the sickest part of these jerseys however was when Eric Dickerson paired his patented yellow-rimmed goggles with them.

5. 1987 Oilers: Powder Blue, White Helmet

As I looked through this list after I cobbled it together, I realized that I really have a thing for light blues. Oh well. Although the color scheme of this baby is truly legendary, the coolest part has to be the logo on the helmet. I understand why the Titans couldn’t keep it, but it’s a shame that the Oilers logo is not seen every Sunday.

4. 2020 Chargers: Alternative Whites

Maybe there’s a little recency bias with this pick, but I truly was blown away on Monday night. Numbers on the helmets will always be a cool look, and the added logo is just enough without making the helmet itself too busy. Chargers powder blue is a staple in any top uniform discussion, and using it as the 3rd color against white and bright yellow is a bold choice that really paid off.

3. 1990 Eagles: White and Kelly Green

When people think back to the Eagles in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they first think of the Kelly Green jerseys. However, in my opinion the all white jerseys with Kelly Green numbers and a helmet are probably the smoothest jerseys of all time. Watching Randall Cunningham dart around the field in the jerseys magnified their mystique as his grace added to the allure of an already extremely appealing jersey. One disclaimer, this white and kelly green jersey is what I wear most Football Sundays.

2. 1993 Falcons: “Dirty Birds”

The coolest black jersey (especially when Deion wore them) of all time didn’t try to do too much. The logo of the Falcon against the black really added to thee appeal, and there was just enough red include to help avoid a look that was too monochromatic. It’s a jersey that people associate with “Cool”.

1. 2006 Chargers: “Powder Blues”

The undisputed best jersey of all time is a masterpiece. From the bolts on the shoulders, pants, and helmets, to the awesome powder blues, this jersey really stands alone. Add the numbers on the helmet in an extremely distinct font and the game is over. موقع 888 The first thing I knew when putting together this list was that this jersey would be at the top, and after going through hundreds of uniforms my mind was not changed.


There you have it. The definitive list of the best jerseys of all time. You can feel free to dispute, but your opinion would be wrong.

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