Tony Hawk Is The Hero We Always Knew We Needed

Tony Hawk went on Instagram Live and took trick requests from his social distanced fans.

Tony Hawk was a huge part of my early video game days and seeing him taking requests from folks on the internet warms my little quarantined heart.

I can’t help but think what “sport feats” I would pay good money to stream live right now. So yeah, here is my top 3.

3. Tiger Woods – Driving Range

“We have a request from user gritknocks to see the stinger. Here you go greatknocks.”

2. Freddie Roach – Mitt Work

“Some guy wants to see how to effectively throw a left hook without landing an elbow and I’m not gonna show him that. Next question.”

1. Ron Washington – Fungo Bat

“Getting a request from a greta knots for some close in offhand catches and also a hug. I’ll do the offhand greta, hugs are only for the missus.”



Grit sent a bio to the KB office but it was just a welcome mat from Kirkland's. I think he sent it here accidentally. I really like the welcome mat so we are keeping it. Putting this admission here in case grit ever reads this. It's my welcome mat.


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