Tom Brady Left Hanging By Julian Edelman [VIDEO]

After taking a 17-7 lead in the second quarter, quarterback Tom Brady was denied a high-five from wide receiver Julian Edelman. But then again, even Bobby Boucher would deny Tom Brady a high five.

And here is the .GIF (via Deadspin.com)…

Brady GIF

A few ideas as to what Tom Brady said to earn the high-five snub:

  • “Go Saints! …I MEAN PATRIOTS! I SAID PATRIOTS! [walks by] …D’oh.”
  • “You’re the best of my no name wide receivers! [walks by] …It’s cool. I’ll get you next time.”
  • “We have the same costumes on! [walks by] …No? Ok.”
  • “I just washed my hands, wanna smell?”
  • “Give my hand a PAT! Get it? PAT like PATRIOT! [walks by]…Alright.”
  • “Give it up for men’s scarves, Julian!”

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