Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Korked Bats

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To Reap or to Sow? The @actioncookbook Chronicles

In this no sport hellscape, folks are finding new ways to torture themselves. This is a level I am not man enough to endure.

Imagine nurturing the demise of your colon like it’s a Tamagotchi. You water it. You give it proper sunlight. You give it a little Miracle Grow every other Sunday. You sing a little Bing Crosby to it because no one is judging you anymore and you heard it helps grow a healthier plant.

All the while it sits in silence. Waiting. Biding it’s time until it matures enough to serve its purpose. Its purpose is to kill. It was designed in a lab to torture.

This is some level six masochistic behavior. This is the long game. I will be along for the ride, from a safe distance, preferably upwind.




Grit sent a bio to the KB office but it was just a welcome mat from Kirkland's. I think he sent it here accidentally. I really like the welcome mat so we are keeping it. Putting this admission here in case grit ever reads this. It's my welcome mat.


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