Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Titans’ Mike Vrabel And GM Jon Robinson Have Been Given Extensions, And Now I Too Have An Extension

To some this news up in three words: oh. hell. yes.

To some it up in two: BONER ALERT!

To anyone clamoring that Jon Robinson has struggled with some of his decisions in the NFL Draft, well, one: wake up. Literally, every NFL franchise fails on more NFL Draft picks than they succeed in, and two: I’m pretty sure the Titans securing the #1 seed in the AFC this year DESPITE being the most injured team in NFL history (again, not hyperbole), should prove that Jon Robinson knew exactly what he was doing when constructing this roster from top to bottom. And Mike Vrabel sure as hell knows how to coach them up. Titans fans, this is a good day. Lock these dudes up, and ride them until they stop proving to be a force in the AFC, which doesn’t appear to be any time soon.

Robinson recently gave a really good interview with Ben Arthur of The Tennesseasan where he hit on a number of things (Tannehill, the Draft, free agency, etc. – it’s really good, go check it out), but one of my biggest takeaways was what he said at the very end.

“When I was first hired in 2016, (the Titans) had won five games in two years combined. They weren’t very good. And I told the fans that we were going to win and that’s what we’ve done. We haven’t won the big one, but just know that’s our goal. One week at a time, put ourselves in a position to get closer to that. I thought we did that this year.”

He’s right. And it’s a damn good reminder. Sure, they didn’t accomplish their ultimate goal. But only one franchise does every year, and I’d say JR has produced the pieces necessary to eventually hoist that silver football. And until they do, he’ll continue to improve this organization – like they have every year. And falling short will only make them hungrier next year – if you want to use an overly used cliché. Needless to say, I’m excited these dudes are locked up for the long haul. To the point where I have to awkwardly adjust my pants in public. This franchise is only 6 years removed from being a laughing stock of the NFL, and that all changed with the arrival of these two studs. They’re the Chip and Joanna of the NFL. The Chip and Jon-anna. They came in and gutted the place. And like any remodel, some problems arise that need fixing. In 2020, it was the defense. BOOM! Fixed. In 2021, it was the offense underperforming. BOOM! Hire Tim Kelly. Seemingly fixed! This franchise is better off for these two dudes. And it’s only a matter of time before they’re winning a Lombardi and Vrabel’s chopping off his dick.


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