Titans ‘May Reduce Derrick Henry’s Workload’ And Boy Are We Laughing! LOL!

As the #1 most-trusted source (and/or fan site) for all things Derrick Henry, we felt the urge to blog about this most recent article on Pro Football Talk. That is our duty for the people and every Jaguar Derrick has stiff-armed in the sternum.

SOURCE Last year Derrick Henry led the NFL with 303 carries and 1,540 rushing yards.

Let me stop you right there for no reason more than I just want to remember how awesome that was.

This year, those numbers may go down, by design.

You son of a…

Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith said it will probably be better for Tennessee’s offense “if more guys are touching the ball,” according to Michael Giardi of NFL Network.

Smith said he’s excited about rookie third-round draft pick Darrynton Evans, who is likely to be the Titans’ No. 2 running back this season.

Henry has signed his franchise tender and is ready to play for a one-year, $10.278 million contract this year. If Evans successfully reduces Henry’s workload this year, the Titans may allow Henry to walk in free agency next year.

What’s the old saying? Don’t fix what’s not broke? No, no. That’s not it. Kings (should) stay kings? No, no. If you have a behemoth-sized Peterbilt lined up in the backfield, you should hand off to him?

Yup, that’s it.

The only way more guys should be touching the ball is if more guys hand the ball off to that cement truck named Derrick. What’s so hard to understand about that? Sure, I understand the basic principle of football to where you need to spread the ball around to keep the defense guessing. But do you? Pretty sure the entire NFL knew the Titans were handing the ball off to Derrick Henry on 90% of their snaps last year and still he not only wears the rushing crown, but gave the Patriots and Ravens defenses wedgies in the process.

Look, I get it. If you own a lot of cars, you don’t want to drive the same one every day. But despite the AFC Championship run last year, the Titans still aren’t exactly Jay Leno. They’re not even Jerry Seinfeld. They’re more like your rich neighbor who has a three-car garage. And inside are parked Derrick Henry, Arthur Juan Brown, and maybe Jonnu Smith? I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to make that Maseratti who wears #22 your everyday car. There’s a reason Dion Lewis had almost as many yards rushing as he has people blocked on Twitter.

I believe it was the wise-philosopher Confucius who once famously said, “Let thine big dawg eat.”

P.S. I got a good chuckle out of this line: “If Evans successfully reduces Henry’s workload this year, the Titans may allow Henry to walk in free agency next year.” Talk about tagging your joke with a punch line.

If Timothée Chalamet successfully beefs up this year, Marvel may allow Chris Hemsworth to walk as Thor.



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