Tiger On The Prowl

Come on, Tiger. Really? It hasn’t even been 6 weeks since your divorce has been finalized. I mean, seriously.

Photo Courtesy: weiunderpar.com

Katherine Jenkins performs at the Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony as Tiger Woods looks on.

Here are some comments and quotes for the picture above:

  • You think he’s thinking about a hole in one right now?
  • Red means STOP, Tiger.
  • Tiger, although she looks like her, that’s not Elin.
  • “I was just thinking about her butt… errr… my putts.”
  • Tiger’s wondering eyes are probably wondering if Katherine has any plans for after the match.
  • Glad to see the old Tiger Woods is back. Maybe now he’ll win some golf tournaments.
  • “Come on, grandma. Think about grandma. Nuns. Think about nuns.”
  • He’s like a bull staring down that red.
  • The match hasn’t even started and Tiger is already cheating.
  • Tiger, even though it looks like something much worse, she’s only singing with a microphone!
  • “Well… Now that I’m single again.”
  • FYI Tiger, it’s the Ryder Cup. Not the Ride Her Cup.
  • I guess it’s pretty obvious why Tiger has been on the “bottom” of the PGA standings all year.

But don’t worry… Tiger quickly realized what he was doing and played it off smoothly.

Photo Courtesy: mirror.co.uk

Smooth, Tiger… Very smooth.

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    October 3, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Thinking about playing the “Back Nine”


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